kyrsten weber

Kyrsten Weber

I am a professionally-trained Voice and Stage Actor, Speaker, Voice Coach, and Storyteller. In addition to 17 years as a Voice Actor, I have toured the U.S. Mid-West with a professional theatre company and traveled the Northwest as half of a storytelling duo. Eventually I went exclusively free-lance and became my own boss... well, actually, I report to you.

I thrive on diverse and challenging projects from commercials to narration, audio books to medical scripts. I have many clients to thank for putting my passion to work. You can hear our collaboration in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, and on the internet.

karsten weber

Karsten Daniel Weber

Seven-year-old Karsten started his career in commercial voice-overs at the tender age of three. He has inherited a good voice, great diction, a bright mind, and some serious acting chops. He loves working with Mom in the studio and is very directable. Check out his demo on the right.